James and amber edwards in max patch, NC oCTOBER 2015

James and amber edwards in max patch, NC oCTOBER 2015

434 Graphics logo

434 Graphics logo

I have been obsessed with trying to open a dialogue between churches for many, many years. Trying various mediums such as writing a book, hosting a video series on Facebook and Youtube, Writing Blogs. None of which has been as important as this Podcast. 

I own a business called 434 Graphics, which is essentially my tent making business, akin to Paul's in scripture. My desire is one day having that business support not only this ministry but also my family. 

I am also married to the most wonderful woman in the world, we have been married since February 28, 2009. 

I also go to school part time, work full time in the technology industry, and serve in the Worship team at New Covenant Church in Clyde, NC

I am so excited to be a part of this ministry, and hope you will join me as we build a bridge between the various denominations in love and unity. 


Who is The Warrior's Cry?

The year was 1997, and I was a recent convert to Christianity from the faith of my childhood. When I say religion from my childhood I will say the interesting thing is that it involved a mix of various things from Christianity, Fantasy, Dungeons and Dragons, and Video Games. Yes, I was one of those kids. I grew up in an age of fantasy in the 1980's and I had a very big imagination. At that point I was a senior in High School, really trying to figure out how I fit in. 

My life was radically changed next to a little pond at Bonclarken, an Associate Reformed Presbyterian retreat located in Flat Rock, NC. A new Christian, big into music I was invited to this retreat, and asked to lead worship, at which point I had never done before. I sang in High School Performance Chorus, and having performed in Carnegie Hall with that I though I knew how to professionally lead worship, but little did I know, it was for a far greater purpose. 

We had created something that I believed was really powerful, that we called Jesus Jams, which was really a hippie drum circle where we praised God. After night service we had invited everyone to accompany us to a little pond we had discovered the year earlier, it seemed no one was really interested so a handful of us set out with our instruments in hand. A few minutes later we heard singing behind us, banners held high in the air, and about thirty men walking with us. 

That night I believe, God spoke to me. Through a man named John Smith, who carried a shofar with him everywhere. He took anointing oil, and laid his hands on me. Others also laid hands on me, the oil was so sweet and fragrant, a little vial seemed to soak me to the bone. His words, for lack of a better term, prophetic. 

"You will stand before Kings and Queens and speak the Word of God, like Elijah, and Elisha and all the others who stood so will you also."

I admit, a little crazy, but I also believe that God is the same Yesterday, Today, and Forever, and He took the time to speak to me!


Early Days

In the days, months, and years following, I pursued the Throne of God far more than I think I ever had in the past. I had a series of dreams that could only be explained as God speaking to me. 

I know, it seems weird to say that the God of the universe spoke to me, I believe he still does. Not only to me, but to you also in various ways. Early on, He spoke to me in dreams, because with my imagination that God gave me I was able to see and understand the things He showed me better through that medium. 

I will address a few different dreams that were and are central to this ministry. 

The first one, I saw a beach, it had white sand and the clearest ocean you could imagine, and then I saw a Bride and Groom walking on the beach. Soon It seemed as if I was looking through the grooms eyes at her. I don't remember a description of the bride, perhaps because God knew how I would take it, (and I did, but more on that later). 

I looked upon her and said, "I love you Beth, I cherish you Bethel, I honor you Elizabeth." 

Your next thought is what I did, I assumed, and wrongly I might add, that I was to marry a Beth. Big mistake, I learned through a Pastor, (Pastor John Pelonero) that I was to fall in love with the House, to cherish the House of God, and honor the Oath that I just made to God. So in essence I am to fall in love with the Church, the Body of Christ. 

Next dream, I stood in a field, it looked like the scene out of Game of Thrones right after a major battle. There were sigil flags standing in the muck, and body parts severed all over the field. As I walked through this field I could see a beautiful table, a feast laid out on top of it. No one was around this feast, but just every dish you could imagine. In the center of the table was this big bowl, and after walking to it I saw inside sat the head of Jesus. Jesus looked at me and said, "This is my Body broken for you, take and eat in remembrance of me." I then realized how pained He was that we had split and divided. 

I say this now to encourage you. God is speaking so much in these last years about unity in the Body of Christ. I know I play a part, but a small one. My goal is to facilitate the Body coming back together, not as to whitewash the things that make each church unique, but to start a dialogue. So that we can stand in unity in the community, in our region, and the world.