Love, The Greatest Weapon of All

It occurred to me that as a Christian we are brought up to become apologists concerning our faith, some of us seek to prove other faiths wrong by attacking their doctrines and ideals. As if by doing so we prove our doctrines and ideals any more real or realistic. I know this note will definitely scandalize much of my readership, which at this time is fairly small. But I decided to treat this page with more dignity than to care about what the few think in regards to a true message. The message is this: Love your neighbor as yourself; treat others with the same kindness that God showed you when you repented.

Were you totally there when you repented? Did you have it totally together? Did you not know that God chose the things that are despised in the Earth to call his own. Some of us were found in prostitution, some witchcraft, some murder yet God showed you kindness. Why can’t you show that kindness to another who does not believe? Go to where the sinner is and love them. Instead we hang out in safe areas, areas that are not as affected by the world like church. Our Christian friends and family insulate us from those who truly need God. We sit in circles and expound to each other the truths of God instead of living the truths of God in the world and showing kindness and love to those who don’t know.

When a Jehovah’s Witness comes to your door what do you do? Do you send them away or offer them cold water and a rest? Sure they may try to speak their doctrine, let them. But let God win them by His endless kindness. Love covers a multitude of sin, inasmuch kindness overcomes a multitude of doctrine. When a Mormon comes knocking, welcome them into your home, offer them rest and kindness. Allow them to speak because when they do I believe that my God will speak to them and love them to repentance. You know we were never told that we have to do all the work, what if that is it? Just plant the seed, make sure they know that the Lord is your Strength, but don’t bash, because then you nullify the kindness in which you exhibited.

I wrote this blog on my Facebook Page on September 28, 2010 at 10:22 AM. I spoke about this during Episode 1: Pastor Nick Honerkamp, and the most fascinating thing was that God tested my thoughts on this soon after I published. Shockingly it has been a little less than 6 years ago, and I remember it like it was yesterday. Two Jehovah's Witness women knocked on my door within 10 minutes of my posting this to The Warrior's Cry Facebook page. 

Love is the greatest weapon of all simply because who can criticize when you have love? Who can ridicule you when you have an open heart that shows the love of Christ? 

Didn't Christ hang out with the prostitute? Did he criticize their life choices or nag them into change? No, He loved them, showed them the love of God, fed them, clothed them, then he told them to go and sin no more. 

The Church seems fascinated by formulas so here is a formula. God will never give us an opportunity to change someone unless we first love them. First comes love, then comes repentance, without love the turning from sin is simply hollow.