Episode 11- Caesar Kalinowski

I had the opportunity to talk with Caesar Kalinowski on the podcast, and it was probably one of the most mesmerizing interviews I have ever been a part of. We talked about Discipleship, which is something severely lacking in today's church. Get your notepad and get ready, there are a lot of awesome nuggets in this conversation. 

Episode 9- Fire On Your Head-Steve Bremner (pt.1)

In this episode I talk to a new friend that I met through this podcast, Steve Bremner. He is a fellow podcaster and also a missionary in Peru. This is the first of two episodes with Steve, the next one I will probably post in a week or two due to the length of the interview. Listen in, cause I really think Steve is pretty swell!

Episode 5: Pastor John Pelonero

On this episode I get to finally interview one of the greatest men in my life personally. Pastor John is my spiritual father in much the same way that Paul was to Timothy. In my early struggles he came along side of me and held my arms up when I was too weak to continue. He even helped to form The Warrior's Cry, although his help was indirect, if it wasn't for our very first conversation and constant revelation afterward I would have never established this ministry. Please listen and like on iTunes, Google Play Music, or any other podcasting service you enjoy, give us high ratings so that we can be found by even more listeners.  

The Warrior's Thoughts: Episode 1: Communion

Communion is such an important but extremely underutilized practice in the Body of Christ. In the first episode of this subcast of The Warrior's Cry, I talk about my experience with it and why it is so important. Tell me what you think.

Episode 3: Drew Koehler: The Dirty Christian

This episode features myself interviewing Drew Koehler from all the way in Washington State, He hosts The Dirty Christian Podcast, and curates The Dirty Christian Facebook Page, among other things. See About Our Guests page to see more about how to stay up to date with Drew.